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All of our fursuits and fursuit items are made from high-quality faux fur and are typically hand-sewn. Details may be airbrushed, but are sewn in whenever possible. All prices listed are the base prices. Price may increase based on additional features or for large or highly detailed items. Please note there is a $300 minimum purchase amount for all commissions.

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Ears -- $30+
Ears built on a headband.

Tails -- $65+
Straight or curved, large or small, simple or intricate. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Handpaws -- $100+
Flat, Puffy, or Silicone pawpads. LED and standard claws available.

Feetpaws -- $150+
Outdoor with soling, or indoor with silicone pawpads. LED and standard claws available.

Fursuit Heads -- $950+
Masks can include "toony" or 3D/following eyes. We are able to accomodate glasses-wearers if requested. No moving jaws available at this time.

Partial Suits -- $1400+
Head, Hands, Tail, and Feet. Can include full arm and/or leg sleeves.

Plantigrade Fullsuits -- $1900+
Head, Hands, Tail, Feet, and bodysuit. Plantigrade suits include NO leg padding.